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About Us  

Personal Experience:

Dave Eickelberg is the owner and operator of Dave's Hot Rods. Dave's been building cars since he was 16 and started in his dads garage. He's been an ASE Certified Technician since 1989 and a Master Tech since the early nineties. You can probably imagine this guy knows a lot of cool stuff about a lot of different cars!  People from all around   look to Dave for advise on how to fix things as well as "sooping" up their ride.  Dave has an uncanny ability to swoop car enthusiasts off their feet with his discreet honesty and friendship approach to building (or rebuilding) cool cars. 

Since the days in his dads garage, Dave has gone on to accomplish many 1/4 mile elapsed  time improvements for his own daily driven vehicle through upgrades in engine and driveline modifications.  At Dave's Hot Rod shop in Sturtevant, Wisconsin a common site you'll see are friends popping in and/or hangin' out talking about cars and racing.  Once in a great while they'll have "clean up the shop day" and everyone pitches in to help Dave (he's not the neatest dude around.)  Dave has a few (super fast) 1/4 mile runs under his belt.  So come on by if your ever in the area, he'd love to hear from you! 


Professional Experience:

Dave's professional career started at Snap-on/Sun in Crystal Lake in 1994, right out of college.  He was an  applications test engineer and tested Snap-on/Sun automotive repair equipment.  Dave tested all sorts of  equipment on cars and ran different scenarios for troubleshooting as well as software design for the smog machines.  From Crystal Lake he went to work at Snap-on's headquarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Since 1998 Dave was a Snap-on/ Sun Tech Systems Training Manager that trained all the newly hired equipment sales reps on Snap-on equipment.  Not only did he provide technical telephone support, but he also trained the tech reps on how to use tire machines, balancers, brake lathes, diagnostic equipment and analyzers, air conditioning, smog, alignment machines and lifts.   The last years of his career at Snap-on were spent with the end users and repair shops all over Wisconsin and Illinois. His customers were D Wells Automotive Service (Goodyear) and miscellaneous shops such as Klamm's Alignment in Racine, Wisconsin.   His official title was  Snap-on/ Sun Technical Representative who repaired equipment for Snap-on/Sun and JBC.  Dave sold, installed and repaired the equipment that he previously trained on.   Even though Dave no longer works at Snap-on Tools, he still has many connections to the company.  In like Snap-on, he believes in quality equipment, work and people.  We attribute that to the many years of working for a quality company.  

Dave not only has the experience of repairing cars but he also has the keen ability to build and rebuild them as well.  He knows how to use the equipment effectively and efficiently to accomplish his goal. 



BS, Industrial Technology, University of Wisconsin; Stout, Menomonie, Wisconsin
AAS, Automotive Technology, Gateway Technical College, Racine, Wisconsin

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified Master Technician (current through 2012)


Past Projects and References


  1. Dustin S.: 1992 Typhoon & Conquest

  2. "Perky" - 1988 S10 Pickup

  3. Mike S.- Iroc Z28

  4. Bob I.- 300ZX

  5. Rich - Ford Bronco 

  6. Dana - Lotus Elise

  7. John C. - Monte Carlo & Buick Road Master Wagon

  8. Scott H. - Every Car He Owns!

  9. Chris - Jeep

  10. Dave H. -


Please ask us for contact information as we would be happy to provide it to you




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