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Toby's Page

Toby the "T"

 and other Tings


From this...

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October 2008.  Dave, Andrea and P-nut out for a T drive in this lovely fall weather.

Thanks to our beautiful photographer Pam Gamble of Racine Wisconsin for providing the pictures.

Photos are recent first, then down to the dirt days in the barn so keep scrolling down to see!



Below are some photo's of our 1926 Model T Tudor Sedan.  We picked up this great car somewhere in the middle of nowhere near Lake Superior.  What a find!  I was so happy to bring Toby home and give her some new shoes and a make over, just what every girl needs.  You'll see in the photo's below that Toby is coming along nicely.  Andrea's Baby (next to Dave and P-nut of course) 



August 23, 2008

Toby's first wedding for Laura Bruner (the boss' daughter) went off without a "hitch"

Toby successfully transported the beautiful bride and groom to their destinations. Dave was the handsome chauffeur. 

What a great day.




August 16, 2008

Model T Days at Hartford Auto Museum, Hartford Wisconsin

Thanks to Carol and Keith Gumbinger for providing the pictures.

Previous years photos:



Dave and I were asked if we wanted to stand watch over the Snap-on 1923 Model T, at the Milwaukee Auto Show March 1, 2008 and of course we jumped on the opportunity.  It was truly an honor!

 This is my dream car - tools and all. 




Click here to read more about the Snap-on Model T Article 



Saturday, June 9th, 2007

Yerkes Observatory Tour / Lake Geneva

Our first T tour and 100 miles driven with Mom, Del, Hailey, Dave and I

What a great time we had. We made it safely and no troubles with the exception of a minor delay (and tow) getting up a hill. 



May 25, 2007

Toby's First Showing & Roof Installment

McDonalds, Mt. Pleasant Car Show

It never ceases to amaze us how many people appreciate old cars.  Each time we go somewhere and return to our Toby, there's always a crowd waiting to ask questions about her.  At our ballroom dance lesson Tuesday night,  as I peaked out the window to make sure everything was okay, there were people waiting outside for us to finish so they could talk about her.  Then a Saturday shopping trip to Farm and Fleet brought out some admirers once again.  Dave and I get such a kick out of driving Toby because she brings people together.  Every single time we take her out we are greeted with smiles, waves, honking and thumbs up!  Dave has the cutest look of contentment on his face as he waves to people, he's so proud.  She's definitely a car that unites people and we are truly happy about that.  The pictures below represent her first showing at the local McDonald's car show.  We had many people asking all sorts of different questions at the car show...from "how old is it" to "how do you drive this thing?"  Very cool for these first timers (us and Toby).  Needless to say we'll be showing her again in the near future.  Oh yeah, and we got the roof put on- a job well done by Dave and his dedication.  It looks awesome!


May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

Our T progress so far.  Click on photo to enlarge.


April 28, 2007

Well we finally did it! Check her out- I am so excited!!! 

Its not perfect but did Mr. Ford have it perfect? I don't think so... he used a hose to apply paint, we used a spray gun. The paint used was implement- or tractor paint.  Who's going to know except us?  Black is black is black. Thanks to Kevin and Dana Olson for always helping out! We love you guys.

We also have the wood roof kit and cover ready to install soon after the paint dries.

Click on the photo to enlarge.



March 11, 2007

Sunday, March 11th.  What a beautiful day to take a ride in a T.  We tooled around Sturtevant and Mt. Pleasant and people just waved and gawked and even got a thumbs up a few times.  Needless to say, after all this talk about t's and taking one through the McDonalds drive through (a first for them and us) we were truly inspired to work on ours...  See our photos and video below.  Click on the photos to enlarge.

Our little Toby with her new liscence plate. Took her for the longest drive ever today and she did just fine.

I love you Toby...

Putting the new glass in (windshield only today)

P-nut relaxing while we work on Toby.

The new wood is going in.

Tadaaaa. Dave did a nice job making the floor. A nice mat, and no one will know the difference.

Our convertible.

 Click here for video 1

Click here for video 2


 First photos of MY BABY Toby.  The day we brought her home on the trailer we knew she was special.  We didn't get more than 50 miles and the thumbs ups and smiles started and wherever we stopped, be it gassing up or eating, people asked what year she was or where we found her.  This car has a special place in my heart like no other car and all we had to do was go and pick her up with a small pitons of $1500.  Thanks to our friend Chris who found her.

 Click here for the video of our first ride with Toby



Saturday February 10, 2007 - Model T University Day

Learned some great new things about T's from the guys here today including Alignment.  

 The 4 keys that Dave is holding will start every Model T there is... Look out people! 

Click here for Model T University quick clip

Model T University Clip 2

Model T University Clip 3

Nice job guys- we really enjoy learning from such great, knowledgeable people.


And here is where the Model T bug all started...  

Below are photos of my step dads 1915 Model T

Notice in the background: 40 Ford, 50 Pick-up and Mustang. He's got the coolest cars.


Star, Idaho  Thanksgiving 2005

1915 Video Clip




Thanks for looking.



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